Undoubtedly, water is the best way to clean just about everything. Just think about it. What do you use to clean your dishes, your hair, your body, and your clothes? Water. So, doesn’t it just make sense to clean our butts after we poop?

Poop is unsanitary and dangerous. There are numerous health risks of using toilet paper. Wiping with toilet paper leaves us sitting in our own mess. And, that skid mark that we’re simply sitting on because we didn’t wash with Wash Well could lead to some real problems later on.

Using a bidet changes this narrative. A cleansing, soothing water wash leaves you clean and feeling fresh all day long. Wash Well can be adjusted to suit your personal needs and can be enjoyed by anyone.

Beyond benefitting the user, Wash Well bidets also help to protect the environment. Americans alone use over 34 million rolls of toilet paper every day which wastes precious resources and damages the environment and ecosystems that rely on trees. Using a bidet reduces toilet paper consumption by 75%-100% to not only leave you feeling fresh after using the bathroom, but also knowing that you’re doing your part to help the environment.

Read below to learn how using a bidet benefits everyone.



Wash Well bidets are especially helpful during a period. Blood and vaginal bodily fluid can feel unpleasant. At the point when this liquid interacts with bacteria in the air, it starts to decay and can, on occasion, carry a stench. The delicate purifying of Wash Well can wash and expel any scent and makes an uncomfortable time of the month a little more pleasurable.

Yeast and Urinary Track Infection

Yeast and urinary tract infections can cause itching, discharge and unpleasant smells. While our bidet can’t cure the infections, some of the symptoms can experience soothing relief upon use.


The Wash Well bidet is perfect for pregnant ladies for multiple reasons:

Hemorrhoids – Due to expanded weight gain during pregnancy, ladies frequently experience hemorrhoids. Bathroom tissue regularly worsens hemorrhoid side effects. The Wash Well bidet eliminates the need for harsh bathroom tissue and keeps the affected region clean, providing comfort and relief.

Lack of Mobility – The changing shape and increased weight gain during pregnancy can make it difficult for pregnant women to reach back there. The Wash Well bidet delivers brilliant cleansing in both your vagina and your rear.

Cleanliness Before and After Delivery – Women need additional assistance with cleanliness during pregnancy. Before the baby comes, women can encounter the loss of the loss of the mucus plug, water breaking and loss of amniotic fluid. The soothing cleanse of the Wash Well bidet delivers comfort and relief.


The cleansing waters of the Wash Well bidet diminishes discomfort related with constipation and hemorrhoids, and enables men to improve their anal hygiene.


Seniors who suffer from arthritis, incontinence or mobility problems can effectively address their bathroom needs without having to rely on others. Thus, they are delivered the freedom of independence.


Children are able to cleanse more thoroughly and using our Wash Well bidet promotes an awareness of the benefits of cleanliness.


Loss of Mobility

Loss of mobility, both temporary and lasting, can be painful and frustrating. It can make it hard to perform regular activities that were once simple, for example, heading off to the restroom. Loss of mobility may result from conditions like arthritis, broken bones, Dupuytren’s disease and hernia and rectal surgery. Wash Well permits individuals experiencing such conditions to recapture the comfort and dignity of going to the bathroom by themselves.


The side effects may include burning sensations, itching, swelling and even bleeding. The Wash Well bidet takes out the need for harsh bathroom tissue when using the bathroom. The Wash Well bidet can give extraordinary alleviation from symptoms like tenderness and irritation. Sufferers with conventional toilets frequently fear going to the bathroom and attempt to hold it in as long as possible (bringing on additional complications), whereas Wash Well users may look forward to using the toilet for its soothing experience.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Incontinence

Cleaning with bathroom tissue or soap can dry and irritate anal tissue. Healthy skin is important for incontinent patients and those with IBS. The Wash Well bidet permits numerous washings without the painful skin abrasion caused by toilet paper.

Crohn’s Disease

Crohn’s disease causes inflammation and bothering in different pieces of the gastrointestinal tract. With this condition can come a regular need to go to the bathroom. Wash Well permits complete and gentle cleansing after every defecation without unforgiving, rough tissue.