Product features

360° Rotating plates ensures that Wash Well bidets fit almost all toilet seats!

Wash Well

What comes in the box:

-Wash Well Bidet

-Two Rubber Washers

-Waterline (2.5ft)

-Copper T-Valve

What Customers Are Saying

Trevor D.

Easy to install and well worth the money. It looks elegant and sleek. I’ve never used other bidets before but I plan to buy one for my second bathroom.
All in all, if you are looking for a simple, functional, bidet that is easy to install, this is a good choice.

Gracie R.

Lizzie J.

For the price, the functionality of this unit is great! These bidets are amazing, easy to install and reduces toilet paper use while leaving you feeling clean. I recommend this for anyone of any age. I am buying one for my second bathroom now!